Before you book

How do I make a booking on your website?

Just complete the enquiry form or call us on 0800 578 279

What information do I need in order to book?


in order to accurately quote to transport your horse, we need to know the exact pick up and delivery addresses. We also need to know your preferred dates and times and any other relevant information about your horse that could affect a smooth transfer.

Is there an age limit for a horse to travel?

Older horses can find road transport stressful. Please consider this before transporting older horses over long distances. We do accept older horses, at our discretion,  at your own risk but may require a veterinary certificate.

Foals maybe transported depending on their size and health. Please contact us for more information.

How do I pay?

We accept direct credit payments to our bank account, we’ll provide those details on booking, and cash payments.

Unless pre-arranged, payment must be made prior to pick up of your horse.

During Transport

What horse gear do I need to provide?

All horses must be provided with a halter.

Travelling boots must be supplied.  We are happy to put boots on, as long as your horse is used to them.

Horses can wear a light cover if it is cooler weather or if they are travelling at night.

Will it cost more to transport extra gear?

We transport extra gear when space allows. There is no extra charge.

What happens if my horse gets hurt on the truck or falls ill during transit?


We will contract you immediately and request that you organise veterinary assistance.

Does somebody have to be present to pick up or deliver the horse?

Unless pre-arranged,  we require someone to be present at the pick up and delivery locations.

Do you stop for breaks?


Our aim is to provide the most comfortable transport for your horse so we make suitable stops, depending on the length of the journey.